Reduce The Hardship of Receiving Quality Medical Care for Seniors Affordably

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Our Elder Medicare Service is designed to help families better Manage the  Healthcare of Senior citizens who require regular medical attention  We understand first hand the struggles and the hardship that families go through to provide quality medical care for seniors. Regular trips to hospitals isn’t always easy especially, for working adults.


Reduces the Hardship

We were in the exact same position as you are in right now. Having these services at hand reduces the hardship and burden of providing the best care for your parents or grandparents by letting Healthcare Professionals manage their health.


Saves Time

With our team of Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Caretakers, we are more than  able to manage your healthcare needs and  help you reduce time spent at hospitals and clinics.

Increased Patient Health

Our Healthcare Professionals and Caretakers are there to provide you with more than just medical care, they are there to manage and improve the Quality of Life of their patients and their loved ones.

Peace of Mind

We understand, you can’t be there all the time but we can. Healthcare Management for your Peace of Mind.

Managed by Doctors


We’ve created the most effective combination of services that will allow you to provide the right care for your loved ones at affordable prices.  The package consists of a:-

  • Health Screening to understand the patients condition better
  • Nurse Visit Weekly which includes a blood test
  • A Doctor’s visit once a month.
  • Medication delivery.
  • Patient Transportation once a month


All This From As Low As RM381/mth

House Call Doctor

Medication Delivery

Private Nurses

Patient Transportation

Regular Blood Test

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